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Aveil is a concept in dermatology , which took birth from the changing and unmet needs of on the modern dermatologist. It took birth to cater to the needs of the modern skin specialist who wishes to settle for nothing but the best for his patients, not only stopping there but also at affordable costs to both the doctor and patient. If the best is not affordable, it has no meaning. The concept took shape in 2008 when there was an increasing need to use the best laser technology for various indications like hair reduction and scars. The gold standard technologies from U.S.A and EUROPE were very expensive for most hospitals and doctors alike. The only other cheaper options available were the “copy –look alike cheaper generic Chinese lasers”, which most skin specialists, were not very happy using for their patients. The company started from scratch and started providing brand new and worlds best brand of lasers to dermatologist at no investment to the doctors, helping cut therapy costs for both patient and doctors. We started with just one small laser device, and withing 4 years grew to become INDIAS LARGEST LASER RENTAL COMPANY, with the support base of more than 150 dermatologists, across 8 states. We take pride in our work providing not only lasers but trained therapists to the dermatologists to save their time and efforts. Taking a further cue from the evolving needs we also brought out some of the best quality products like sunscreen, C-NU Vitamin C, Exfol-A ( Yellow Peel ), Avitrol Capsules, Rinforcyl Sebo , composed of unique imported materials, but again at an affordable price as compared to similar composition and quality products. We will soon be coming with some first time in India products like a unique and stable form of Vitamin c serum. We wish to seek your continued patronage to provide nothing but the best in the field.